Snowclearing has gone downhill

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Dear Editor: I emailed Mayor Charles Pender back in December regarding the condition of our road.  

I informed him about the location and that it is a small deadend road with a right angle turn from the main road which is also a hill.

So it is near impossible to get a run for it. I told him in my opinion the snowclearing has gone back about 15 years.

We used to have very little problem getting our car in our driveway.

I asked if there were cutbacks and in his reply said there were not.  

He said he would pass my concerns along. On Jan. 10, I emailed him again along with the councillors stating things had not improved. My only response was from Linda Chaisson on Jan.12, saying she would bring it to Superintendent Kennedy’s attention.

Guess what ... no change.

I have spoken to several people who are saying that snowclearing in Corner Brook is terrible this year. Other years I could be in my house and hear and see city tractors and/or salt trucks out cleaning up the roads. On days with no snow, they would be out widening and clearing away stop signs so one could see around snowbanks.

If we cannot get our car to our house we have to leave it on someone’s business property taking up spaces for their customers. If we leave our car on a road, we will be ticketed by the city.

I feel we have a right to be able to get our car in our driveway.

We do have four studded winter tires on our car so I don’t think that is the problem.  

If there are no cutbacks, why aren’t the snowclearing equipment and salt trucks out?

The city is not long sending out our tax bill and we can be penalized if it’s not paid on time.

Is it a case that they can penalize us but we have to sit back and take what services they give to us and when? Considering we pay separately for our water and sewer, we pay a lot of money to have our garbage picked up.

Back a few months ago we elected mostly a new council and elected again Mr. Pender. I wonder was that a mistake to bring back Mr. Pender? Unless things change, he has my last vote.

Yvette Ransier, Corner Brook

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Geographic location: Corner Brook

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Recent comments

  • mike
    February 14, 2014 - 12:02

    So what you're complaining about really is that you can't get your car into your driveway? I'm about 1000% positive that this is entirely your own responsibility. The City cannot be expected to instantly clear every road in town, there are hundreds of them and a small laneway like you describe, honestly wouldn't be priority. Main arterials, parkways, etc will be cleared first. Maybe it's time to consider purchasing a better vehicle for the terrain and tasks you face on a daily basis. It would seem a small car would be of poor choice, instead of a 4x4 of AWD SUV for a City that has extremely steep, slippery slopes all year. also studded tires, simply provide no merit to snow, for ice yes, but not snow, especially if your car is bottoming out in the snow. Also dont forget, this is your opinion, but not necessarily the right one.