Left with grave doubts

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Dear editor: The time has come for a full independent review of power from Muskrat Falls.

It is high time that a full independent review of Nalcor has it purports to transmit power from Muskrat Falls to Soldiers Pond and then to Nova Scotia.

The public has possibly been subjected to misleading information from Nalcor. The public can no longer get an independent review of Nalcor as it is hands off by the public utilities board and the auditor general.

The first possible misleading information is the route of Muskrat Falls power to Soldiers Pond. The power from Muskrat Falls is to be converted from AC to DC at Soldiers Pond. To do this conversion there must be massive converters installed and they are proposed to be installed at Soldiers Pond on the Avalon Peninsula.  

I am asking the question: why cannot a converter station be established on the Northern Peninsula, maybe close to Deer Lake, to send the power to Nova Scotia. The current proposal is to send Muskrat Falls power to Soldiers Pond, do the conversion and then ship it back across the island and on to Nova Scotia. This was stated to be the case in an article in The Telegram on June 21.

Why is this conversion not done on the Northern Peninsula instead of at Soldiers Pond as proposed? This would mean transmitting the power twice. I am not an electrical engineer, but I do not see the need to transmit the power twice, as Nalcor can do the conversion on the Northern Peninsula as well as it can at Soldiers Pond. Does the power have to cross the island twice before it is transmitted across the Cabot Strait to Nova Scotia?

My second contention is that our local power bills will go up and up until Muskrat Falls is paid for, approximately 35 years. I am now 57 years old. Adding 57+35 = 92 years old. This means my children and grandchildren are going to pay for Muskrat Falls too. Oops!

It is at this time that the citizens will get stability on their power bills. In the past number of years we have installed and built massive hydro electric projects at Bay D’Espiore, Granite Lake, Star Lake, etc. Those projects are paid for now, but we have not seen any break in our power bills and Muskrat Falls construction (scheme) will see massive increases in what I pay.

I feel that those other massive hydro projects are paid by now. We have less than 500,000 people living on the island — with the population concentration on the Avalon and the people on the coast of Labrador gets not one kilowatt of power from Muskrat Falls even though it is in Labrador.

As I stated before I am not an electrical engineer, but I feel that I can wrestle a reasonable conclusion from the facts presented and I am left with grave doubts.

Ward Samson, Main Brook

Geographic location: Muskrat Falls, Northern Peninsula, Nova Scotia Nova Scotia.The Deer Lake Labrador Granite Lake Star Lake

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  • Laughable
    July 19, 2014 - 09:21

    No we got no one to " Blame " but ourselves, and were about to do its once more concerning the liberals. just go back in time, when Dwight Ball and the liberals were leading the people to believe. they were against its, Now he like the project, Like that old song, you haven't seen nothing yet.

  • My opinion
    July 18, 2014 - 07:57

    Total rip off from electrical consumers by the Progressive Conservatives of Nf and Lab.. Premier Marshall speaks of huge financial profits to the province from Muskrat Falls however he falls short of promising to use some of these dividends to keep residential rates low and I mean for everybody not just the financially disadvantaged. Typical government tactic to off load debt when they don't have guts to raise taxes. Leave our electrical bills alone Premier Marshall.