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Dear Editor: It was good to read and draw the conclusion that those entrusted with community leadership, are not so readily prepared to accept what some other authority tries to impose on them.

What brought me to such a hopeful deduction was the understanding I got from the article in The Western Star headlined — “Joint council not ready to endorse central site.”

Reading further into the item, I gather the Great Humber Joint Council isn’t ready to support the idea of western Newfoundland garbage being trucked off to a central Newfoundland superdump.

In the meantime, I must admit that I couldn’t help but wonder how determined the joint council’s position is and whether it was just a half-hearted gesture made in attempt to get more money out of the provincial government.

Anyway I look at the argument that an estimated $100 million in taxpayer dollars would be saved as a means to justify such a short-sighted scheme, it defies logic.

At best it would amount to a big joke when it comes to real savings to taxpayers despite there being no need to build or upgrade an existing site into a super-dump in our region.

From any savings from capital cost, money to subsidize trucking garbage half way across the island, plus wear and tear costs would have to be factored in.

Why shouldn’t a close by, reasonably environmently friendly, regional waste facility be established in western Newfoundland?

Aren’t there sufficient positive benefits for local interests to be realized in building and operating such a development here?

The whole area’s residential and business population would stand to gain in the long term if local decision makers would do what’s expected of them and pursue and support the cheapest, most practical option to ensure garbage from this region gets taken care of locally.

Calling a spade a spade as it pertains to garbage would, I believe, go a long ways toward getting the issue of garbage settled once and for all.

Personally speaking, I’m inclined to believe all the beating around the bush with this issue was never the way to get it resolved.

When all is said and done, we’ve got as accommodating and adaptable an environment in western Newfoundland as elsewhere in our province which, I’m sure, could support a dump operation.

Why not? 

We’d also enjoy the added bonus of knowing we’re not the type of people who go along with pawning our garbage off on our neighbours.

Is that any different than dumping garbage near the roadside — out of sight and mind.

How, also, can we reasonably condone the wear and tear on our highway these huge garbage trucks will cause as they are coming and going all hours of the day and night?

There are other safety concerns that need to be taken into account.

May I suggest in conclusion that maybe the most appropriate trend of thought decision makers should be on is to think in terms of garbage being a form of material gain and start calculating what benefits can be derived from it.

Melvyn (Lou) Smith, Christopher’s Cove, Summerside, Bay of Islands

Organizations: Dear Editor, Great Humber Joint Council

Geographic location: Newfoundland, Western Star

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