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Results of the survey

PC leadership candidate John Ottenheimer is proposing reduced speed limits and more fencing along the province's highways to prevent moose-vehicle collisions. Do you think these measures would be effective?

  • 24% Yes, do both
  • 5% Reduce speed limits, but we don't need more moose fencing
  • 47% Put up more fencing, but don't reduce the speeds
  • 22% Neither one will work

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Do you think a letter written by defrocked former bishop Raymond Lahey that appears in the “Catholic Book of Worship III” should be removed by the Catholic Church?


Now that the Toronto Blue Jays have clinched the American League East division, do you think they can win the World Series?


Do you think the City of Corner Brook is doing enough enforcement on vacant buildings in the city?


Are you attending Friday night’s sold-out American Hockey League exhibition game in Corner Brook between the St. John’s IceCaps and the Toronto Marlies?


Did you know about the law requiring a smoke alarm to be in every bedroom, outside each sleeping area and on every level of a home?

Recent survey

Do you use reusable grocery bags when you shop?

  • 47% Yes
  • 27% Sometimes
  • 23% No
  • 3% I don't but I'd like to start

Did you attend the Atlanti-Con Science Fiction Festival over the weekend?

  • 9% Yes
  • 72% No
  • 19% Wanted to, but couldn't

Do you think the so-called “last chance day” — one final day of the school year when students can hand in missed assignments — is a good idea?

  • 28% Yes
  • 69% No
  • 3% Undecided

Do you think changes can or should be made the steep incline on Woodbine Avenue, in the Curling area of Corner Brook, in order to curb car accidents at the intersection?

  • 41% Yes
  • 18% No
  • 41% It's dangerous, but I don't know think anything can be done with it

Are you excited for the return of NHL hockey?

  • 26% Yes, can't wait for the season to begin
  • 74% No, don't watch it

The Deer Lake RCMP recently said they’ve noticed a large number of drivers speeding in school zones are parents dropping off their children. Do you think this is the case?

  • 88% Yes
  • 12% No

Did you take in any Open Farm Day activities on Sunday?

  • 6% Yes
  • 58% No
  • 36% Didn't know about it

Do you agree with Hockey NL’s decision to remove body checking from all categories below A in the bantam and midget divisions for this upcoming season?

  • 66% Yes
  • 31% No
  • 3% Undecided

Have you ever searched for the red chairs in Gros Morne National Park’s contest to discover all 18 pairs?

  • 6% Yes
  • 69% No
  • 25% Found some, but didn't know there was a contest

The College of the North Atlantic in Corner Brook is suggesting more students carpool or take public transit to school to help ease the demand for parking spaces at the college. Do you think more students should take advantage of alternate methods of transportation to their classes?

  • 65% Yes
  • 27% No
  • 8% Undecided