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Results of the survey

Should phone companies make temporary phones available to its customers without service while undergoing repairs?

  • 79% Yes
  • 15% No
  • 5% Undecided

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Do you think Judy Manning, the province's new minister of Public Safety — formerly the Justice Department — should run for a seat in the House of Assembly before the next general election?


Are you planning to visiting the Hockey Canada Century Tour stop in Corner Brook, held Tuesday and Wednesday at the civic centre?


Western Newfoundland's blood supply is at a critical stage again. Will you donate blood to help the cause?


Pride Week activities were held in Corner Brook and Stephenville over the weekend. Did you attend either event to show support for the LGBT community?


Do you think the appeal, filed by a group from western Newfoundland, asking the PC Party to disqualify Paul Davis from the leadership will threaten his role in the province's top job?

Recent survey

Do you think creating an interior road connection between the southwest coast and central Newfoundland would mean a major loss in traffic — and therefore business — coming into Corner Brook?

  • 44% Yes
  • 51% No
  • 5% Undecided

On Wednesday, the provincial government kicked in more than $3.5 million to help repair Marble Mountain's Governor's Express chair lift, which was damaged by a fire caused by a lightning strike in August. Do you think this was government money well spent?

  • 34% Yes
  • 61% No
  • 5% Undecided

Transportation Minister Nick McGrath says no extra safety measures are needed along the Lewin Parkway, even after a boulder fell from the surrounding cliff and struck a vehicle on Monday. Are you confident about travelling safely on the arterial route?

  • 38% Yes
  • 62% No

Should the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans extend the recreational food fishery?

  • 83% Yes
  • 14% No
  • 3% Undecided

Gerry Byrne, MP for Humber-St. Barbe-Baie Verte, said he will make an announcement early this week on whether he will seek the provincial Liberal nomination in Humber West. Do you believe Byrne would be successful in his bid?

  • 62% Yes
  • 38% No

Some homeowners in Deer Lake are criticizing the provincial government for assuming no responsibility in regards to ongoing flooding issues in the town. Although the issue is a municipal one, do you think the province should have stepped in to help the town and homeowners?

  • 54% Yes
  • 43% No
  • 3% Undecided

Do you plan on attending the Three Bear Music Festival when it returns to Corner Brook next month?

  • 13% Yes
  • 78% No
  • 9% Undecided

With the government holding public engagement sessions across the province, how open do you think the current administration is?

  • 8% Very
  • 27% Somewhat
  • 60% Not at all
  • 5% Not sure

The province is providing Corner Brook with $18.8 million in capital works funding over the next three years to help repair the city's aging infrastructure, far less than Mayor Charles Pender says is needed. Do you think the province's capital works funding is divvied up fairly?

  • 26% Yes
  • 64% No
  • 10% Undecided

The City of Corner Brook says it will hire a new "town manager" to fill the chief administrative officer position by early next year, and the position will be filled on a short-term basis. Should the city hire a permanent CAO/town manager, or are they doing the right thing by waiting?

  • 18% Hire someone permanently
  • 35% Wait to see how the temporary position pans out
  • 47% Neither - the city doesn't need a town manager or a CAO
  • 0% Undecided