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Results of the survey

Do you think a independent committee's review of Bill 29 and the province's access to information legislation will have any significant impact on the controversial amendments?

  • 41% Yes
  • 40% No
  • 19% I don't know much about Bill 29

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In an article appearing in print and online today, former PC leadership candidate Bill Barry says he's convinced the upcoming leadership convention was rigged from the beginning with unfair campaign practices. How much truth do you think there is to Barry's statements?


Tuesday night, Opposition Leader Dwight Ball committed to a radiation unit at the new western region hospital should the Liberals form the next provincial government. Do you think this will put more pressure on the current government to include a PET scanner and radiation unit in its plans for the facility?


Pro-Life NL released a statement Monday urging Progressive Conservative leadership candidate Frank Coleman to impose his anti-abortion views on provincial legislation if or when he becomes premier. Do you think Coleman's personal views should influence his decision-making as a politician?


On Saturday afternoon the Clarenville Caribous lost 3-2 in OT to the host Dundas Real McCoys in the Allan Cup championship game. Did you watch the game live on TSN?

Recent survey

Do you agree with Bill Barry's decision to withdraw from the Progressive Conservative leadership race?

  • 57% Yes
  • 38% No
  • 5% Undecided

Do you think spring has finally arrived in western Newfoundland or can we expect more severe winter weather?

  • 19% Spring is here
  • 62% There may be a few more flurries, but nothing serious
  • 19% We're in for more storms

If a byelection were held this summer to replace Tom Marshall in the district of Humber East, what would your voting intentions be at this time?

  • 54% Liberal
  • 22% Progressive Conservative
  • 8% New Democratic Party
  • 16% Undecided

Premier Tom Marshall announced a new courthouse for Stephenville on Monday, but the town has also been lobbying to have a proposed new federal prison built in Stephenville. Do you think the new courthouse announcement means it's more or less likely a new prison will be built there?

  • 28% More likely
  • 17% Less likely
  • 18% I never thought the prison would be built in Stephenville
  • 31% I don't think the new courthouse will have any influence on whether a prison will be built in Stephenville
  • 6% Undecided

Elvis Stojko was in the building Saturday night at the Pepsi Centre as the guest star for the Silver Blades Figure Skating Club’s annual ice show. Did you take in the show and watch Elvis perform?

  • 17% Yes
  • 74% No
  • 9% I would have, but had other committments

Has the late winter weather impacted or delayed your plans for spring?

  • 52% Yes
  • 24% No
  • 24% I don't have any plans for spring yet

Do you think Corner Brook native and Liberal candidate Cathy Bennett's byelection win in Virginia Waters — Kathy Dunderdale's former riding — means support is shifting to away from the Progressive Conservatives?

  • 70% Yes, the Liberals have been on the upswing for a while
  • 26% No, it's just one district so it doesn't represent every voter's opinion
  • 4% Undecided

Have you been affected by the Marine Atlantic ferry backlogs?

  • 55% Yes
  • 45% No

Do you think Marble Mountain should stay open longer in the season?

  • 67% Yes, especially when we have winters like this one
  • 28% No, it would cost them too much for the numbers they'd bring in
  • 5% Undecided

Will you submit your choice for a new name for the Pepsi Centre to the city?

  • 20% Yes
  • 55% No
  • 25% Still trying to decide on a good one