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Results of the survey

Would you go see a performance by Tim McGraw if he performed at the Pepsi Centre in Corner Brook?

  • 54% Yes
  • 27% No
  • 19% Depends on the ticket price

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Should the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans extend the recreational food fishery?


Gerry Byrne, MP for Humber-St. Barbe-Baie Verte, said he will make an announcement early this week on whether he will seek the provincial Liberal nomination in Humber West. Do you believe Byrne would be successful in his bid?


Some homeowners in Deer Lake are criticizing the provincial government for assuming no responsibility in regards to ongoing flooding issues in the town. Although the issue is a municipal one, do you think the province should have stepped in to help the town and homeowners?


Do you plan on attending the Three Bear Music Festival when it returns to Corner Brook next month?


With the government holding public engagement sessions across the province, how open do you think the current administration is?

Recent survey

The province is providing Corner Brook with $18.8 million in capital works funding over the next three years to help repair the city's aging infrastructure, far less than Mayor Charles Pender says is needed. Do you think the province's capital works funding is divvied up fairly?

  • 26% Yes
  • 64% No
  • 10% Undecided

The City of Corner Brook says it will hire a new "town manager" to fill the chief administrative officer position by early next year, and the position will be filled on a short-term basis. Should the city hire a permanent CAO/town manager, or are they doing the right thing by waiting?

  • 18% Hire someone permanently
  • 35% Wait to see how the temporary position pans out
  • 47% Neither - the city doesn't need a town manager or a CAO
  • 0% Undecided

On Saturday, on the third ballot, the provincial Progressive Conservative Party elected Paul Davis as its new leader and premier designate over John Ottenheimer. The third candidate Steve Kent was eliminated after the first ballot. Do you think Davis was the better choice over Ottenheimer?

  • 34% Yes
  • 43% No
  • 23% It doesn't make any difference, they are all cut from the same cloth.

How would you rate Tom Marshall’s tenure as premier?

  • 73% Good
  • 11% Poor
  • 16% To short of a term to rate

Do you plan on attending either of the Western Kings home-opening hockey games this weekend?

  • 16% Yes
  • 78% No
  • 6% Undecided

Mike Dolter, who was fired earlier this year from his position as Corner Brook's Chief Administrative Officer job "without cause," has accepted a job as Truro, N.S.'s CAO. Are you surprised Dolter has accepted another CAO position?

  • 14% Yes
  • 86% No

Have you or anyone you know been affected by suicide?

  • 91% Yes
  • 9% No

The law courts building in Corner Brook was officially named after former premier Danny Williams on Monday. Do you think this was a good choice?

  • 50% Yes
  • 32% No
  • 14% Doesn't matter to me — it's just a building
  • 4% Undecided

Corner Brook's first TEDMed talk will be held this Thursday. Do you plan to attend?

  • 20% Yes, the TED talks are fascinating
  • 56% No, doesn't interest me
  • 16% I want to, but won't be able to make it
  • 8% Undecided

Sarah McLachlan is performing in Corner Brook on Nov. 21. The Canadian singer-songwriter has spoken out against the seal hunt in the past — would her opinion about the hunt make you think twice about buying a ticker to see the performance?

  • 54% Yes
  • 43% No
  • 3% Undecided