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Dave Kearsey
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Curling couple won’t be taking it easy on each other

CORNER BROOK  Donna and Cal Davis love the game of curling, but the Corner Brook couple’s approach to the game is like comparing pebbles to rocks.

Donna is all business on a sheet of ice and plays to win. But, Cal is more of a social butterfly who just throws stones for laughs and camaraderie.

The Corner Brook couple will be on opposite sides of the rings next week when the two clash in the provincial mixed curling championship being hosted by the Corner Brook Curling Club. The club will hold the mixed event in conjunction with the provincial Masters tournament.

Donna, a Corner Brook native, is a member of the defending provincial mixed curling rink skipped by Kenny Young. The foursome also includes talented stone throwers second Steven Sheppard and third Amanda Rumboldt.  Rumboldt will be replaced by Stephenville native Diane Graff, who played alongside Davis in mixed play before with Corner Brook’s Gary Oke. Rumboldt is playing in the national junior curling championship in Fort McMurray next week as a member of the 2013 provincial junior women’s Carolyn Suley foursome out of the ReMax Centre in St. John’s.

Cal will be calling the shots for a rink that includes lead Linda Glavine, second Gerry Abbott (Donna’s brother) and third Marcheta Gallant, who hails from the Caribou Curling Club in Stephenville.

The couple, who will celebrate 21 years of marriage May 15, have played against each other before in cash bonspiels, but this marks the first time they will square off on the provincial scene.

They appear to be OK with enjoying the game as opponents rather than finding a way to mesh on the curling rink.

“We can’t curl together. We have two totally different views on how to play the game,” Donna, a major crime unit assistant with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, said with a hearty chuckle earlier this week.

“I’m more competitive than he is,” she added. “He’s just totally relaxed when he goes out there. He loves the social side of it.”

“But I don’t go to play ... I go to win,” she quipped, again showing her determination when it comes to throwing rocks.

Cal admits he embraces the game because of the friendships he has formed through the years. It’s more of a social evening and a relaxing pastime, something he has really enjoyed since retiring from the RCMP.

“She’s the competitive curler in the family. My days of competition are over,” Cal said.

“She just talks competition, whereas I’m like like ‘let’s go up and have a good time, and see if I can make life miserable for you,’” he said, with a big laugh following his words.

Donna has been around long enough to know that it’s not wise to take any opponent lightly or to lose focus simply because of who stares you down at the other end of the ice.

As a matter of fact, she is pretty blunt when asked if her mindset will change when it’s Cal looking to take a victory away from the Young rink.

“I’m focused on making a shot and I don’t care who’s on the other side,” she said.

But, don’t think for one minute that both want to claim bragging rights when they do meet up. They won’t know until Tuesday when their matchup will be, but it’s on both of their minds and they make no bones about how bad they want to claim the W.

“Even more so because of the gloating factor,” Donna said.

Donna knows Cal’s all about having a good time and not worried about the score, but she’s also aware that Cal turns it up a notch when they play each other.

According to Donna, the two played against each other last week and she was totally caught off guard when she saw her husband actually doing some preparatory work for the ensuing battle.

“It was the first time I’ve seen him go out and have a few practice rocks before a game, and everybody was laughing because they never see him do it. He just goes out and plays the game,” she said.

Cal, meanwhile, admits his personality takes a twist when its Davis verus Davis. He wanted to remind his wife and the local curling community what happened at a recent cashspiel.

“We played them in a cashspiel recently and won our division, and we gave them a pretty good spanking,” he said.

All they can do now is wait for the schedule to be made. No doubt, it will be an interesting day for them.

“It will be quiet and I’ll playing a few head games with her,” Cal said.

The provincial mixed curling championship will get underway Tuesday with the first draw slated for 5:30 p.m. at the Corner Brook Curling Club. For more information on teams and tournament schedule for the mixed and Masters call the club at 639-9212 or check out the website at www.cornerbrookcurlingclub.com.


Organizations: Corner Brook Curling Club, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, ReMax Centre Caribou Curling Club

Geographic location: Corner Brook, Stephenville, Fort McMurray Stephenville.The

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