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I spent about an hour of my sunny Saturday afternoon surrounded by about 25 excited kids.

For the first time in our lives, my family jumped in our vehicle and headed to the Blomidon Golf Club to swing some clubs.

As an athlete, and friend to many other athletes, golf has often been a topic of conversation. Golfers love to talk about “that shot” on hole 9 or the great round they had. A few of them, although far less than you’ll hear of the good moments, will talk about the round of horrors that led to one of their worst scores of the year.

Golf, obviously, is a very popular sport. My response to requests or suggestions to play has typically been the same. When I can’t physically play other sports, golf will become my game. It’s not so much a short-sighted response as it is one based on reality.

Golf is both too expensive and time consuming for me at this juncture of my life. As someone who puts my heart and soul into sports, there is no way I would start playing golf on a casual basis. I would need free mornings or evenings to invest into learning, and hopefully mastering, the game — none of which I have. Other than membership and tee time costs, I would most certainly have to have a good set of golf clubs. If I was to join, I’m sure I would not be alone. So, it’s double the costs for a couple looking to get started.

You catch my drift. But, someday … maybe.

Anyway, back to my Saturday of sun and laughter. It was Family Golf Day at the Blomidon. The cost was certainly affordable — free — for people of all ages to come out and try the game.

Golf pro Wayne Allen was skipping about the makeshift course of skills and fun lessons, offering tips and getting each kid involved. It was easy to see he was in his element surrounded by a bunch of beginners, anxious to see what all the hype is about.

We showed up nice and early, and were lucky enough to get a few minutes of one-on-one time with Wayne. He started us with some putting, we moved on to using some poorly dressed up kid as target practice, and finished off with some iron play.

It was a great experience. Danielle and Lauren enjoyed it, with Lauren not wanting to leave when we decided we had had enough for one day. It didn’t take Wayne long to ask me if I played baseball. I knew the swings of a bat and a club were different, but I didn’t realize how tuned my body was to a swing of a bat until I tried to adjust. As I have in the couple of time in the past, I could hit the ball, but I guess it wasn’t the typical golfer’s swing.

As for the girls — the real reason for this event — they most certainly had some fun. They haven’t asked to sign up in the Future Links program at Blomidon. Danielle, who is 13, she just asked to go for a catch afterwards. Lauren, 10, joined us in the backyard toss.

As for their golfing talents, they typically hit their putts too hard and their drives too soft. Although, I don’t think either of them felt overly good about pounding a tennis ball at a young fellow in a padded suit — no matter how much he encouraged them. I think that’s a girl thing. Most young boys would have tried their hardest to hurt him.

I don’t think we have a future golfer in the family, but who knows. I certainly wouldn’t discourage either of them, especially at the affordable rate of the Future Links program. It appears to be a great program. There are lots of lessons, the kids are on the greens four times a week, and I would say the coaching is very professional and well-organized. As with any sport, the program will teach its participants many valuable life lessons. Specific to sports like golf, they walk away knowing how to play a game they can enjoy for pretty much the rest of their lives.

That is a bargain for the price of registration.

As for me, I’m getting closer to the end of my competitive sporting days. Golf anyone? Well, not just yet. I’ll take that catch.

Organizations: Blomidon Golf Club, Future Links

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  • Golfer
    June 17, 2014 - 07:38

    It is refreshing to read an article about golf in Corner Brook. Golf tends to be overlooked on the West Coast and in Corner Brook but if you consider how many people play the game, it is one of the most popular sports on this side of the island. If you consider that Blomidon has around 300 members and Humber Valley has about 100 members from the CB area who play golf, plus the people who play regularly but dont take up a membership, thats a nice percentage of the population. Unforurnately the stigma with golf that you iluded to is that golf is an old person game. Look at Blomidon alone, they have a great core of young players, and these arnt just, young players, they are exceptional players. Some of the best young players in NL call Blomidon their home. It was nice to read about this artcile to provide some scope into Blomidon and its availability to the public because many people think its a private club. The sports community in CB goes beyond, soccer, ball hockey, baseball and hockey.