Garry White dispels rumours about his future with Flyers

Dave Kearsey
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Garry White wishes he had been following Newfoundland Hockey Talk website during the regular season so he could have seen his future unfold in front of his eyes.

That’s how he responded when asked about swirling rumours involving him throwing in the towel as general manager of the Gander Flyers of the Newfoundland and Labrador Senior Hockey League after two seasons in the role.

“I keep looking on this Newfoundland Hockey Talk and the talk about the Gander GM not being there next year and that the team is in the red and I said, ‘well I should have read this a long time ago to let me know what my future is because people know a lot more than me,’” White said Tuesday from Gander.

White served as GM of the Deer Lake Red Wings of the now-defunct West Coast Senior Hockey League before he took over the Flyers two years ago when he pulled up stakes and moved to Gander to take a new job with NAV Canada.

The Flyers were ousted from the West Division semifinal round in three straight games to the Western Royals in the franchise’s second season since the purple and gold were reborn.

White said it’s pure rumours what’s being thrown around on Newfoundland Hockey Talk, quickly pointing out that anything can change over the next little while depending on what the league does, but as of right now there is a Gander Flyers franchise alive and well and he is still the general manager.

“I have no idea or clue who these people are and they have their information screwed up,” he said of those making unfounded comments on the site.

Financially speaking, White was quick to put things in perspective from his vantage point.

“Every one of us could do with a bit more money, but it’s not the end of the world,” he said. “Put it this way ... there’s teams who are hurting a lot worse than us and our fiscal year doesn’t end until the last of June, so to say we’re in the hole when our fiscal year isn’t even over yet, is a little bit premature.”

He expects to talk about the numbers with the organization’s treasurer over the next week and he still has Herder revenue to work into the equation so he really doesn’t expect things to be gloomy at the end of the day.

“Too early to tell, but as for the Gander Flyers being drastically in the red ... there’s no truth to it,” he said.

White wishes the Flyers were still involved in the hunt for a Herder, but he was quick to credit the Royals for stepping it up in the post-season and wanting to win the series more than his team.

It’s the time of the year when some people tend to get sick of hockey and ask themselves if they want to go back at it again next season, he said, but give it a month or so and he could very well be back working the phones again with hopes of improving the team for next season.

Some people have even suggested that White has been feeling pressure from some executive members to move on to greener pastures, but White has no idea where such an idea came from.

“No, definitely not,” he said bluntly when asked directly if he was asked to resign. “I have never had any executive member come to me and say ‘Garry it’s time for you to leave.’ Never.”



Organizations: Flyers, Newfoundland Hockey Talk, Newfoundland and Labrador Senior Hockey League West Coast Senior Hockey League West Division

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