Run-down Sop’s Arm fish plant demolished

Gary Kean
Published on August 30, 2014
An excavator does some final clean-up work at the former site of the dilapidated fish plant torn down in Sop’s Arm recently.
Submitted photo

Ross Pinksen and the residents of his community couldn’t be happier now that the fish plant they deemed a safety hazard stands no more in Sop’s Arm.

Pinksen is the chair of the local service district who went public in early August about the community’s health, safety and environmental concerns regarding the dilapidated plant.

He said the vacant building was alluring for children to explore, despite not knowing what risks awaited them if they ventured inside. Pinksen also said it was not safe to walk or drive by the plant to access the rest of the waterfront, especially on windy days when pieces of the building might get blown off.

He urged Todd Young of Woody Point, the owner of the plant, to “do the right thing” — to tear down the deteriorating structure and remediate the property.

Young said he was committed to doing just that before the month of August was out. He kept his promise, bringing in an excavator, a loader and dump trucks just days after saying he would do so.

It took a couple of weeks, but the falling down plant was competely demolished and all of the debris trucked away from the site. A dangerous hole on the waterfront property was also filled by Young’s crew.

Pinksen commended Young for doing a great job taking care of the situation

“It’s beautiful there now,” said Pinksen. “It makes some difference. The scenery is good there now but, more importantly the danger is gone.”