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Gas prices could rise by 14.5 cents per litre: George Murphy

A person pumps fuel — File photos by The Canadian Press.
A person pumps fuel — File photos by The Canadian Press.

A major increase in gas prices can be expected this week, according to George Murphy of Consumers for Fair Gas Prices.

As of Tuesday morning, Murphy predicted an increase of 14.5 cents per litre (cpl) for gasoline; a 4.1-cpl increase for heating and stove oil; and a 4.5-cpl increase for diesel fuel.

They’re not the final numbers, he said, as he still needs to add Tuesday’s data later.

“All these numbers have taken a substantial hit from the disruptions done by Harvey, so, it's even more important to realize that we only had one day of Harvey into last week's pricing session. This week contains all the bad news of refinery shut-downs after the flooding,” he wrote.

He said he doesn’t expect the numbers to stay that high for long.

“We are going to get tagged, and tagged heavy on Thursday, but it seems not as heavy as other centres were. Prices may be elevated for a little while, but should be retreating in the next session, or at least, that's what It looks like form my angle,” he wrote.

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