J.J. Curling is filled with ‘Out of This World’ fun

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Published on June 13, 2014

Curling Corner —  J.J. Curling Elementary
By Emily Thomas and Rebecca Bennett

Students at J.J. Curling Elementary have had an “Out of This World” month.

We took part in three awesome days of learning about space. During the first two days all students participated in 14 different centres such as the “egg o naut” space game activity, constellation building and a rocket building session.

The centres were based on space and other science related themes similar to what our Grade 6 students experience at Space Camp in Laval, Que.

Brooklyn, a student in Grade 1, said she really liked the constellation centre where you built a constellation out of marshmallows and pretzels. At the end you could eat your own constellation, sit in a tent and read a story. It was awesome!

Another centre that captured many students’ interest was the “egg o naut” challenge. Students had to create a structure out of common materials such as Styrofoam cups, balloons, cotton balls, etc., to make it fit to land on Mars. An egg was then placed in the structure and was dropped from a window on the top level to the ground below. The challenge was to see whose structure was “fit” enough to keep the egg from breaking.

This was a lot of fun. Mrs. Lowe, our teacher said, “it was a fantastic experience and she was so happy to see the students having lots of fun.”

Our principal, Mrs. Pittman, was delighted that everyone had fun, while learning at the same time. Mrs. Gallant, one of our Grade 6 teachers who helped organize the space days, said she also had lots of fun.

Our Space Day centres also included making a rocket ship from regular two-litre bottles. We then went outside and used a rocket launcher to blast off. It was fantastic.

The grand finale for our Space Days, was having Maj. Jeremy Hansen, an astronaut with the Canadian Space Agency, visit us the third day. It was definitely a highlight of our year. He took a tour of our school.

He admired the creations prepared for him by our Lego Club and he loved the stage decorated like the galaxy.

He even tweeted pictures of it. His message to us was: Believe in yourself.

He spoke to us and then answered questions that we prepared for him in one of our centres. Two of our Grade 5 students presented him with a gift afterwards.

What an amazing opportunity for all of us at J.J. Curling Elementary. We will never forget it.