Hockey goalie Logan March receives priceless birthday gift from mom

Published on March 3, 2017

Logan March, a young goalie in the Corner Brook minor hockey system, hopes he can meet Montreal Canadiens goalie Carey Price when he attends a Habs game in Ottawa later this month. He is asking people to share his dream through social media.

©Dave Kearsey

Part of the magic of being a young hockey player is the ability to dream about being as good as one of the game’s big stars or meet them in person someday.

Carey Price of the Montreal Canadiens is who Logan March has idolized from the first time he saw No. 31 between the pipes.

March, a Grade 4 student at J. J. Curling, wears No. 31 on his jersey as a puck stopper in the atom division of the Corner Brook minor hockey system.

The young guy has his bedroom painted with Montreal colours. He loves to collect anything with Carey Price on it, from magazines to hockey cards. He saves up his money throughout the week so he can go to the flea market in search of anything with Habs on it.

His mom has watched her son’s passion for the Habs grow over the past couple of years.

She figured it would be nice to do something special for her son, so she planned a birthday surprise for her boy.

It proved to be one of the most exciting days of her son’s life.

Logan turned 10 on Feb. 24, but it was like no other birthday.

His mom had been saving up for the past year with the intention of taking her son to watch the Montreal Canadiens play, with her son having no idea what she was up to behind the scenes.

She made arrangements for them to attend a Habs game in Ottawa on March 18. She had a friend she could stay with in Ottawa to eliminate the expense of finding accommodations, so she decided to attend a game at the Canadian Tire Centre.

The night before his birthday, his mom presented him with his gift. He opened it and got excited when he saw it was printed pics of Carey Price making a save.

Then his mom told him to read what was written on the picture, because he obviously didn’t see the words.

“Pack your bags we’re going to see the Habs,” were the words written across the top of the picture.

That’s when he got so overwhelmed that he felt like he was going to get sick.

“The first thing I said was, ‘Is this a joke,’ because if she played a prank on me I would haunt her the rest of her life,” he said as his mom went into a laughing fit at her boy’s response.

On social media there is a picture of Logan adorned in Habs gear with a sign explaining who he is and telling people he is going to watch the Habs play. He told the world that Cary Price is his idol and he would like to meet him. He asked people to share his wish on Facebook and anywhere else they could.

He can’t wait for the journey. Meeting Carey Price is the only way his birthday surprise could get any better.