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Sheldon MacIsaac excited about return of senior hockey on west coast

Sheldon MacIsaac is excited about the return of senior hockey on the west coast.
Sheldon MacIsaac is excited about the return of senior hockey on the west coast.

Sheldon MacIsaac will be 40 years old when he wears the Stephenville Jets logo in the west coast senior hockey setup in March.

However, he’s a happy camper knowing he’s been afforded another chance to play some competitive hockey.

MacIsaac, a Stephenville native, played with the Stephenville Jets in the defunct West Coast Senior Hockey League from 1995-2000 while attending university and played some more competitive hockey from 2000-2005 when he lived in the Yukon.

MacIsaac was having fun playing in a four -eam recreational league in the airport town, but the league folded a few years back so he’s been limited to games of shinny with his buddies.

He was among the hopefuls who attended two scheduled workouts for the Jets over the weekend and he was encouraged by the numbers.

Seeing the league focus on providing a game of hockey for local athletes instead of a professional model with players being paid handsomely is a direction he approves of based on what he’s seen through the history of senior hockey on the west coast.

“I’m certainly applauding organizers for trying to avoid imports and paying players,” MacIsaac said. “It’s been proven a number of times over the years that that approach, while getting a better product on the ice, is not a sustainable option for long-term viability of hockey leagues in small towns around Newfoundland.”

The four-team league will feature a 12-game schedule during the month of March that will see all entries play a home-and-home series with the other centres, and a championship declared in a one game winner-take-all final featuring the top two teams.

Go Jets Go is a chant MacIsaac is looking forward to hearing again.

He’s hoping the fans buy in by filling the arena when puck drop comes in March.


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