No college hockey this winter, Dawn Tulk will settle for playing at home

Published on November 4, 2009
18-year-old Dawn Tulk wont be able to play as much hockey as shes used to this season.  Submitted photo

Deer Lake -

Dawn Tulk would love to be playing female hockey on a scholarship, but it just wasn't in the cards this year.

The 18-year-old female hockey star was left with no choice but to turn down an offer to play for the St. Mary's University varsity female hockey team.

"First of all they couldn't cover enough of my expenses and I want to do physical education and they don't offer enough education courses over there," Tulk told The Western Star Tuesday.

"It kind of sucks, but I still get to play though and I will play again when I go to St. John's next year I guess."

Tulk said life would be no much nicer if Memorial University of Newfoundland had a female hockey team entered in the Atlantic University Sport (AUS).

But, she knows that's not going to happen anytime soon so she will just have to be content with playing with the Deer Lake Under-20 female team this winter.

"When I spoke with the coach of the St. Mary's team she was saying how unfortunate it is that there's no team here because of the calibre we could have, but it would be almost too expensive to run a team," she said.

Tulk, who is doing general studies at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College until she heads to MUN next year, will miss a daily diet of hockey like she experienced last year when she played for the Western AAA female hockey team and the Elwood High high school hockey squad.
But, she believes a game of hockey is better than no game at all.

"It will get me through," said the daughter of Deer Lake's Don and Karen Tulk.

She also takes solace in knowing she will be able to play in her first Newfoundland and Labrador Winter Games as a player when Grand Falls-Windsor plays host to the provincial showcase of amateur sport in 2010.

Tulk was too young for the last Winter Games, but ended up officiating in those Games alongside her sister Breannah.

She is keeping an open mind when it comes to future offers to play hockey elsewhere.

"If the right opportunity arises ... obviously the calibre I'm going to be playing this year isn't going to be as high as where I was last year and I'm not going to get nearly as much hockey," she said.

"I got to play midget and high school hockey, and I was playing against a lot more guys.

"So now I am just practising two times a week whereas last year I was on the ice every single day."