‘I Miss You Most’

Byrne wants to draw attention to suicide prevention with music video

Published on February 10, 2014
Corner Brook musician Brian Byrne has started the Arizona Project, an initiative to raise funds for suicide prevention and awareness. — Western Star file photo

Musicians often try to tell a story with their songs, but Brian Byrne is hoping his next tune will bring to light some of the far too many stories of suicide that exist.

Byrne has started an initiative called the Arizona Project that involves asking people to share their stories of the impact suicide has had on them.

The plan is to put together a series of uploaded videos to create a music video for his song “Arizona (I Miss You Most).”

All of the proceeds from sales of the song will go towards supporting suicide prevention and awareness through the work of a group dedicated to the cause called Collateral Damage.

To upload a video clip, go to www.theocdcollective.com. Byrne’s request is that people upload videos of themselves holding the message “I Miss You Most” dedicated to someone lost to suicide.

He is encouraging people to have their family and friends take part in their video and to include a photo of the person being remembered, if possible.

On the website, Byrne notes that suicide is a leading cause of death in Canada, especially among those who have served in the military or as first responders and among aboriginal youth.

“Yet we are reluctant to talk about suicide,” he wrote on the project’s website. “We avoid the ‘s’ word. And while we are afraid to talk about it, more lives are being taken.”