Cormier’s St. John’s exhibition giving her more exposure

Diane Crocker
Published on July 28, 2014
Jamie-Lee Cormier is shown in this undated photo. — Star file photo

It’s taken a few years, but Jamie-Lee Cormier is breaking into the St. John’s arts scene and beyond.

“I’ve been trying to get my work in St. John’s for awhile,” said the artist and owner of JL Gallery.

The attraction of showing in the city comes from the opportunity for greater exposure and a larger client base to sell her work.

She had some work in group exhibits, but Cormier said getting in there on her own has been hard as she’s found from the lack of response from galleries she’s sent her resume to. She said the reason is probably similar to what’s happening at her own gallery.

“After being in business for six years it’s really hard for artists to get their work in there now because it’s so full,” she said. “Unless their work is something totally different that I don’t have yet.”

Cormier is a painter and painting is very common in St. John’s.  

“The galleries might be full. It’s very tricky, it’s very competitive in St. John’s,” she said.

Not to be detered, Cormier went out to St. John’s last fall to seek out an exhibition space. A friend mentioned The Sprout, a downtown restaurant that has a few exhibitions every year. Cormier called the owner who had a space available for July and August.

“Which is like prime time for exposure, so I snatched that up.”

Cormier went out to St. John’s and set up her “Surrender to Nature” exhibit at the end of June. It features about a dozen pieces, some from her iceberg series and some new ones using driftwood and wildflowers to create a 3D effect.

“It’s very colourful. Very nature inspired show, really,” she said.

She’s sold one piece so far and said that the busy restaurant is offering her lots of exposure.

Cormier recently met a woman who visited her gallery who had seen her work at The Sprout. The woman’s granddaughter is a curator at an Ottawa gallery and told Cormier she was going to put in a good word with her granddaughter about Cormier’s work.

Cormier is currently in Ottawa and plans to meet with the curator to see if she can work out a time for her to have an exhibition.