Corner Brook school goes to the polls in mock election

Cory Hurley
Published on October 16, 2015
Immaculate Heart of Mary students Emily Payne, front, and Alessandra LeBlanc cast their votes in a mock election for the party of their choice during Student Vote on Thursday.

It’s not just advance voters who’ve had the chance to cast a ballot for the federal election.

Thursday, students at Immaculate Heart of Mary in Corner Brook joined thousands across the country in casting a mock vote for the party of their choice for Student Vote.

The Grade 4 class members took on the roles of volunteer returning officers and poll clerks, while their schoolmates from Grade 4-11 did the voting in the school gymnasium.

For Claire Coleman, a 10-year-old Grade 5 student, being able to vote was a nice feeling, but learning about politics was particularly interesting.

The students immersed themselves the world of political education this week. They chose four issues deemed most important to them — education, health care, environment and economics — and researched each party’s platform with respect to each. They also participated in an online political survey, which helped show them which party’s platform is most suited to their ideals.

Coleman — as is well within a voter’s right — was not about to disclose who she cast her vote for, but she was more than happy to talk about the importance of educating oneself politically.

“You hear grownups all around you talking about it, you don’t know what’s going on, so it is nice to know what they are talking about,” she said.

For classmate Isaac Buckingham, it appears that wasn’t much of an issue. He watched the entirety of the MacLean’s national leaders debate in August.

“It seemed to be something interesting,” he said. “I wanted to see what was happening. I am interested in what is going on, Student Vote ... was a good way to find out.”

Buckingham did, however, get a finer appreciation of the voter process.

“It’s private, very private,” he said. “With the procedures they take, it is obvious they don’t want any voter fraud or anything like that.

“I look forward to it when I am old enough.”

Mission accomplished for Student Vote.

Anybody curious as to who the students of Immaculate Heart of Mary would have elected will have to wait until after Oct. 19. Results are being withheld until then.