Lemon challenge promotes girls’ rights

Frank Gale fgale@thewesternstar.com
Published on September 14, 2015

Janice Kennedy believes it’s important to highlight girls’ inequality and try to do something about it.

That’s why the executive director of the Bay St. George Status of Women Council was quick to take on the Lemon Challenge for Change when the call came from the Gateway Status of Women Council in Port aux Basques.

The #LemonChallenge4Change is a fun and sour way to show how a person feels about gender inequality and raises awareness for girls’ rights, all while raising funds for Because I am a Girl initiative.

Along with members of the women’s council, the Bay St. George Coalition to End Violence, Community Youth Network, Mayor Tom O’Brien of Stephenville, Marie Stagg, Rotary president and MHA Tony Cornect got in on the acidic taste test at Stephenville town hall on Thursday afternoon.

Kennedy said every day millions of girls are discriminated against around the world simply because they are girls. She said gender inequality in developing countries keeps girls out of school and prevents them from reaching their full potential.

“This inequality really holds back our society, not allowing women and girls to fully participate in it. We all deserve human rights and we should all be entitled to the opportunities that come with them,” she said.

Mayor Tom O’Brien said communities certainly are more complete with girls and women equally participating in them.

After taking the lemon challenge, the Bay St. George Status of Women is now challenging the St. John’s Status of Women Council, MHA Scott Reid, Mokami Status of Women in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, YWCA St. John’s, Bay St. George YMCA and from Mayor O’Brien, Mayor Dennis O’Keefe of St. John’s.