Dead whale found in Benoit’s Cove

Derek Montague
Published on January 4, 2016

Brandon Collins, 17, had never seen a dead whale washed ashore before.

So when he heard there was one down at John’s Beach, he, along with his brother Trevor and friend Jonathan went to check it out.

When the trio arrived, Collins found the dead mammal, which he thought to be a pilot whale, washed ashore. The teenager estimated that the whale was 15-feet long.

“It was amazing at first because you just don’t come across this stuff everyday,” said Collins, who lives in Benoit’s Cove.

The three stayed at John’s Beach for about 20 minutes before leaving. Collins said he didn’t notify any authority about the whale and doesn’t know if it’s still at the beach or not.

“I have no clue where it is right now,” said Collins.