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Martine Blue stoked for opening night

Screen shot from the film “Hunting Pignut”.
Screen shot from the film “Hunting Pignut”.

TORONTO – Filmmaker Martine Blue is in Toronto to celebrate the screening of her feature film, “Hunting Pignut,” which opened last week in cities across Canada.

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Filmmaker Martine Blue on the set of her feature film “Hunting Pignut.”

“It’s super exciting,” Blue told the Southern Gazette in a telephone interview from Toronto.

“It’s (been) lots of continuous promotion of the film, it’s all very exciting – it’s incredible that it’s going to be across Canada.”

The film will run in 20 theatres, with more screenings being added.

“It’s also running at C-Squat,” explained Blue.

Blue called New York City’s C-Squat home for seven years, and much of the feature film was inspired by her time living there and the people she met.

She will be attending the Canadian screening held in Toronto, and will be present at C-Squat in New York when the film screens there.

The film will open in Landmark theatres in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario Sept. 13.

Cineplex locations will feature the film in Toronto, Halifax and St. John’s Sept. 15, and there will be an event showing of the film at the Burin Cinema Oct. 5.

Blue said she is looking forward to showing the film on the Burin Peninsula, where she now makes her home in Epworth.

“I’m really excited,” she said. “It’s going to be super neat to be able to screen right in the (area) that I’m living in.

“I’m really happy that we had that opportunity and that I get to attend and talk about the film.”

Blue explained the film bridges the worlds of urban and rural Newfoundland, where the film was shot, as well as “my life in the nomadic, squatting punk scene, so it will be exciting to show it to my local audience and see how it’s received there.”

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