Naming process for new Corner Brook junior high underway

Cory Hurley
Published on March 18, 2014

A new school comes with the excitement of a new name, new colours and a new mascot.

Administrators, teachers, students and parents in the community have all had their chance to have a say in that process for the new Corner Brook junior high school.

Parents were forwarded a survey provided by staff of G.C. Rowe Junior High School and Presentation Junior High School. They also had the option of writing in their own selections. Students also had the chance to provide input last week at school.

The deadline for submissions was Monday.

George Keeping, assistant director of Education (Corner Brook office), said it is still early in the process. The preliminary work is being done to gather insight, he said, and eventually suggestions would be made to the board for approval.

The input is being sought so a decision can be made prior to the completion of the gymnasium floor. The survey states it would be nice to incorporate the colours and the mascot into the floor’s design.

The junior high — an amalgamation of Presentation and G.C. Rowe — is on schedule to open in September as the only intermediate school in the city.

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The following is a list of the survey options presented to administrators, parents, teachers and students:

School name

-Corner Brook Intermediate School

-Corner Brook Junior High School

-Regina Junior High Schoo

-Corner Brook Regional Intermediate

-Joe Mullins Memorial Intermediate

School colours

-Orange and red

-Black and white

-Brown and orange

-Black and red

-Red and blue

-Red and white

-Purple and black    

-Purple and white

-Teal blue and white

-Teal blue and black    

-Black and white with red trim

‰Navy with white and red trim    

‰White with navy and red trim

School mascot







-Polar Bears


-Papermakers (Paper Wasp)    

-High Climbers



-River Rats