Kippens mayor welcomes new Noel’s Pond bypass announcement

Frank Gale
Published on March 29, 2014
Kippens Mayor Paul Noseworthy , left, speaks with Transportation and Works Minister Nick McGrath after an announcement on roadwork in the Stephenville and Port au Port Peninsula area. — Star photo by Frank Gale

Mayor Paul Noseworthy of Kippens heard what he hoping to hear on Friday when Nick McGrath, Minister of Transportation and Works, announced what he called the Noel’s Pond Bypass.

The minister said construction will soon begin on this major new by-pass road when he addressed the Bay St. George Chamber of Commerce on Friday at noon hour.

Noseworthy was one of the people in the audience and he said he is especially pleased with the announcement of this project that will see a frequently flooded area in the community of Noel’s Pond eliminated from the roadway leading into Stephenville.

He was also pleased with this year’s provincial budget that McGrath talked about and thinks the province is heading in the right direction.

“It’s a good budget and as communities, we always want more but we’ll work with what we got,” Noseworthy said.

He said while it wasn’t mentioned at the meeting, he is looking forward to some paving being carried out in Kippens this year that was announced last fall.

McGrath said the Noel’s Pond by-pass is amongst several road rehabilitation projects in the Stephenville and surrounding area under the Provincial Road Improvement Program.

He said the construction of the Noel’s Pond bypass, will begin this year and extend two construction seasons. The bypass involves the re-alignment of Route 460 from Gull Pond to Route 490 and encompasses about six kilometres of road.

“Well-developed transportation infrastructure is a critical element in communities and regions,” McGrath said. “Through our significant investment in the Provincial Road Improvement Program and our decision to start the tendering process earlier in the year, we are contributing to the growth and prosperity of communities and regions.”

Repairs and upgrading of roads also incorporated in a soon-to-be-released tender include repairs to asphalt joints on the Trans Canada Highway from Bald Mountain Brook to North Branch, repaving of Route 460 near Blanche Brook, and upgrading of Route 460 at Red Brook, Marches Point and Rouzes Brook to Cornect’s Brook.

Joan Shea, Minister of Environment and Conservation and MHA for St. George’s - Stephenville East, said the new Noel’s Pond bypass would realign the road away from a flood risk area and improve safety significantly for motorists.

Tony Cornect, MHA for Port au Port, who was also on hand, said as the transportation system is strengthened, travelling our region is easier and more enjoyable, benefiting residents, commercial and recreational travellers.

About 65 people attended the meeting for the announcement by Minister McGrath held at Days Inn.

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