Uncertainties around possible ‘Run or Dye’ event in Corner Brook

Cory Hurley cory.hurley@tc.tc
Published on April 12, 2014

Although interest seems to be growing in the “world’s most colourful 5K” charity running event, there does not appear to be much organization behind it locally at this point.

The Run or Dye website has Corner Brook listed as a location for the event, which is linked to a charity or non-profit organization in cities where it’s currently held.

While details of dates and locations are unavailable, people have been pre-registering. Facebook ads being pushed through the social media website state that many participants have already signed up.

 “Our crew is still working on a date for that event,” stated an email response from the organization Viral Events.

According to the event’s website, ca.runordye.com, participants get showered in safe, eco-friendly, plant-based powdered dye after every kilometre they complete along the course.

The site encourages people to pre-register at no cost, and says details would be emailed when registration opens. The site says there is a discount for pre-registering.

When more information was requested, media were prompted to direct questions to an email address — the same address to which The Western Star sent its initial inquiry — and no response was received.

The City of Corner Brook had not been contacted about hosting such an event. City staff also requested information from the organization, but only upon questioning the legitimacy of the event, were notified that details are still being worked out.

City staff has concerns about hosting such an event — particularly with respect to the amount of mess associated with the spraying of the eco-friendly dye throughout the race. The city said approval would have to be granted by council in order for the event to proceed.

No such request has been received.

According to its website, Viral Events is a for-profit organization which works closely with local charities in each of the places one of their events is held. The non-profit organizations are said to be provided with donations, given opportunities for fun and fundraising and publicity at the events.