Corner Brook Pulp and Paper hoping to replace killed Glynmill swan

Gary Kean
Published on May 6, 2014
There is now just one swan in Glynmill Inn Pond after the male bird was killed by an eagle in early March.
Star file photo

Corner Brook Pulp and Paper is on the hunt for a new male swan for the Glynmill Inn Pond.

Up until early March, there were two of the majestic white birds that have become synonymous with the scenic pond in the heart of the Corner Brook Stream trail.

On March 3, the Corner Brook Pulp and Paper employee assigned as the caretaker of the birds saw an eagle attacking one of the swans. According to a spokesperson for the company, the employee had been in the same area just 20 minutes before and said the swan appeared to be fine.

The swan was killed, leaving behind the female swan that had been donated by the City of St. John’s in 2008 after the previous female swan at Glynmill Inn Pond had died.

General manager Ric Tull is on vacation and no one was available for an interview Tuesday, but the mill spokesperson said efforts are being made to find a new mate for the widowed swan.

The mill has checked with the City of St. John’s, but there are no available swans at Bowring Park — where the last swan came from — available at this time.

The paper company has also checked a source in Ontario that sells swans, but it also does not have any of the birds for sale at this time, but might in the fall. That source also sells its swans in pairs, which might be a problem since swans are known to be territorial.

Corner Brook Pulp and Paper said it is continuing to look for other sources to replace the swan, but has not had any luck yet.