Madore says charges against Flynn’s Roofing unfair

Frank Gale
Published on May 9, 2014

Glenda Madore says her partner, Wayne Flynn, is being unfairly singled out through Occupational Health and Safety Act violations related to fall protection.

A press release from Service NL on Wednesday said Flynn, the owner of Flynn’s Roofing, Siding and Masonry, faces four charges for violating fall protection regulations. The violations are alleged to have occurred in December 2012 and September 2013 at three different locations in Stephenville.

Three other companies in the province are facing similar charges, but Flynn’s is the only business located in western Newfoundland.

Madore, who said she was speaking on behalf of Flynn, said the company only shingles residential homes, most of which are low to the ground. She said Flynn has been doing this work for 28 years and never had a fall.

She said the safety ropes can be a hindrance on low-sloped roofs — jobs can take longer to complete, she said, and the ropes sometimes damage the shingles. She said on the lower roofs, Flynn works on his knees.

“Wayne always wears his safety (gear) when he’s working on a steep or higher roof like a two-storey building,” Madore said.

While she works with Flynn, Madore said she is hardly ever up on the roof during the work. She said the company’s other employee never goes near the eaves of the building because Flynn handles all that work.

“Flynn’s Roofing is just a small company and if he ends up with big fines out of this it’s likely he will have to shut down the business,” she said.

Madore said each time Flynn was charged with violations it was because he was reported, yet there are lots of other contractors and individuals doing this type of work and not wearing the safety equipment, yet none of them are charged.

She believes Flynn’s Roofing is being targeted because it’s the busiest residential roofing company in the Bay St. George area.

The company’s first court appearance took place on March 24 in Stephenville and the matter was set over for a second appearance on June 2.