Contractors using heavy equipment on roads will be fined

Jamie Bennett
Published on June 15, 2014

It could soon be a costly decision to unload tractors or excavators on the paved roads in Deer Lake.

Town council brought in a policy three years ago restricting contractors from offloading and loading excavators on pavement.

Now, council has amended the policy and will levy a $500 fine to anyone caught offloading or operating the heavy machinery on the town’s paved streets without approval.

The issue was discussed at Monday’s regular council meeting in Deer Lake, where it was decided council would send out a letter to all local contractors indicating the levy and warning that damage to roads would be at their own expense.

Coun. Elmo Bingle said tractors and excavators have been regularly seen on paved roads this year and council is worried about the cost to Deer Lake residents to fix any damage associated with the heavy vehicles.

“Over time it will damage the road,” Bingle said, noting machines with rubber tracks are not as destructive.

“When it’s got steel or iron tracks then it does damage to the pavement and it needs to be addressed.”

He said in some cases operators have no choice but to use the roads and the levy is intended to punish avoidable, unauthorized usage.

“If they’re doing contract work for the town and there’s no other way of doing it, then it’s a little different,” he said.

“But if you’re just offloading and travelling along the road to dig out a basement for somebody, then that has to stop.”