Sykes closing Corner Brook call centre

Diane Crocker
Published on June 25, 2014

Sykes Enterprises Ltd. is closing its Corner Brook call centre site effective Aug. 29.

Geraldine Brophy

Sykes Enterprises Ltd. is closing its Corner Brook call centre.

Andrea Thomas, director of communications with Sykes, confirmed the closure of the site, located in the Valley Mall, on Wednesday afternoon.

“We announced to our employees (Tuesday) that we are planning to close the site effective Aug. 29,” said Thomas.

“Basically this is the result of adapting to changing business needs. So we’ve decided to consolidate our operation.”

Thomas said the employees at the centre have all received notice of layoff, however, she said the company doesn’t provide any numbers publicly.

“That’s not to say they can’t apply for other opportunities,” she said. “They would have to apply for any positions they may be interested in.”

The call centre currently handles incoming calls, but Thomas said the company does not reveal the nature of those calls.

The call centre first opened in the Valley Mall in 2001 under the management of ICT Group Inc. and provided sales and service support for clients in the financial and insurance industries. Six weeks after it opened the centre employed about 100 people and management at the time indicated that when in full operation it was expected to employ as many as 300 customer sales and service representatives, quality assurance, training and operations management personnel.

In 2005, ICT expanded the operation by opening an inbound section for customer service and technical support.

In 2009, Sykes and ICT entered into a definitive merger agreement under which Sykes agreed to acquire ICT. Included in the $263-million deal was the Corner Brook call centre.

The company also acquired a call centre in St. John’s. That centre closed earlier this year and employees there were offered an option of working from home.