VON bringing back foot-care program

Diane Crocker dcrocker@thewesternstar.com
Published on June 5, 2014

Nearly two years ago the VON Corner Brook Site cut its foot-care program.

At the time, the VON said the program had been running at a deficit and that the service was available elsewhere. That move saw nearly 600 clients having to find an alternate foot-care provider.

But in the past year things have changed and the VON is bringing back the program.

The announcement was made during the 62nd annual general meeting of the Corner Brook Site at the VON Building on Wednesday night.

Suzanne Marks is the site manager for the Corner Brook VON.

After the meeting she said the VON has monitored the need for the service since giving up the program in July 2012 and in the past year that need has increased.

“The community assessment showed through many phone calls coming in to the VON that there was an unmet need in the community,” said Marks.

She said that could be a result of other providers in the community reaching their limit in the number of clients they can handle or from others leaving the area.

“So after much thought and collaboration with the staff and the board we decided it would be a good time to bring it back,” she said.

Marks, who worked as a nurse with the site previously and returned this past year as site manager, is providing the service now, but said a new foot-care nurse has been hired.

She also said restarting the program won’t impact the site’s operations or budget.

During the meeting treasurer Bernice Buckle said for the 2014-2015 year the board committed $15,313 to the site for its charitable programs. That amount is down from the 2013-2014 contribution of $19,544.

“That just goes to show that we’re doing quite well,” said Marks.

The success, she said, comes from the hard work of the staff and volunteers getting VON into the community.

“We’re doing well in every program,” said Marks.

As for the future, Marks sees that continuing and one area in particular that’s “taking off” is the VON’S wellness clinics that it offers to businesses.

“Employers are starting to look at wellness now along with occupational health and safety,” said Marks and added the clinics look at the employees and their health through glucose and cholesterol testing and blood pressure checks.





    Lenny Benoit - president

    Dawn King - vice-president

    Bernice Buckle - treasurer

    Dawn King - vice-president


    Laura Fillatre

    Paul LeDrew

    Melissa May

    Scott Shears

    Dwight Hatcher

    Elaine Fost

    Jeff Siddall

    Jonathan Snow

    Anne Marie Coleman

    Chris Banks

    Andrea Hamilton Green

    Rev. Richard Thomson

Source: VON Corner Brook Site Community Board