Complaints, safety has Deer Lake council mulling dirt bike ban

Jamie Bennett
Published on June 10, 2014
Deer Lake Coun. Elmo Bingle, right, speaks during Monday’s regular council meeting in Deer Lake. Coun. Amanda Freake is also pictured.
Star photo by Jamie Bennett

Deer Lake council may soon be forced to take action to curb the rise of dangerous dirk bike usage within the community.

That’s the message from Coun. Elmo Bingle, who spoke about the issue during Tuesday’s regular council meeting.  

Bingle said council has fielded a growing number of complaints about users driving unregistered dirt bikes on town roads this year, complaints he admits the town is taking seriously.

“It’s causing issues for the residents and for the RCMP as well,” Bingle told The Western Star after the meeting.

“We realize that the RCMP can’t chase them and neither can our town police, because these people can flick off the road at any time.”

With this in mind, Bingle urged residents to adhere to town policies regarding the use of vehicle and, if needing to cross a road when moving between trails, to do so safely.

He said dangerous usage of the bikes is an issue throughout the town and some users as young as 11 or 12 years old have been seen doing tricks and stunts.

It’s reached the point, Bingle said, that council might be left with no alternative but to make a bylaw banning the use of dirt bikes within town limits altogether.  

“When you’re doing wheelies on pavement when there’s traffic, you’re taking a risk yourself,” he said. “We’re asking people to at least be respectful to the residents of Deer Lake.”