Bay St. George Powwow

A newborn baby needing continuing development: former resident

Frank Gale
Published on July 12, 2014

Joe Bennett fulfilled an eight-year dream this weekend by being in the community of his birth attending the eighth annual Bay St. George Powwow in Flat Bay.

The Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia resident grew up in Flat Bay, but moved to Stephenville in his early teens and lived there for 10 years before moving to Nova Scotia in 1988.

Since the powwow started, Bennett has always wanted to come home to attend but due to the summer being the busiest time for construction in his trade of drilling and blasting, he wasn’t able to get the time off.

He decided that this was definitely going to be the year and took the break from work and said he’s not really sure if his job will be there when he gets back.

Bennett said he would never even have dreamed 20 years ago of something the magnitude of the powwow taking place in Flat Bay. He said back then many people didn’t know what heritage was and now there’s no question about it, this is a big part of the community’s heritage.

“This is like a new born baby that has to continue to be developed,” he said.

He praised those in the community that worked at getting the event in place, saying their persistence in second to none. He said they’ve changed the whole community.

The Bay St. George Powwow started off with a traditional wedding ceremony on Friday afternoon, followed by an evening of teachings on the Mi’kmaq culture.

Today hundreds of people gathered at the powwow grounds for a number of different ceremonies, including dancing, drumming and feasts. A repeat of many of those ceremonies take place on Sunday.