Stephenville council briefs

Published on July 15, 2014

Stephenville council approves monthly expense cheque

Town council approved an expense cheque listing of $479,045.42 for June at its regular general meeting on Thursday.

Mayor Tom O’Brien said while the total was fairly high, there were no large items on the list, just several of small expenditures.


Canada Day grant approved

On a recommendation from the finance committee, the Stephenville town council approved a grant of $3,500 to the Stephenville Leisure and Recreation Committee.

The money was approved at the regular general meeting of council on Thursday and went towards the cost of holding the recent Canada Day celebration.


Brian Hillier to conduct audit

Brian N. Hillier has been appointed to conduct the 2014 audit of the town’s finances.

Hillier, who is a chartered accountant, has conducted the town’s audit for a number of years.


Council approves purchase of tractor

Council approved a tender for the purchase of a 2014 or newer tractor at its regular general meeting on Thursday.

The tender for the piece of equipment was approved to Harvey and Company Limited for the amount of $55,242.77 with harmonized sales tax included.


Callahan’s awarded contract for YMCA exterior refinishing

Callahan’s Contracting, 10503 Newfoundland Limited has been awarded a tender to carry out an exterior refinishing project to the YMCA building.

Council approved the project in the amount of $33,700 plus harmonized sales tax.

The YMCA building in Stephenville is the former West Coast Training Centre. Part of the agreement for the Stephenville town council to take ownership of the building from the government of Newfoundland and Labrador in 2013 was the provision of more than a half a million dollars to carry out renovations.

Renovations to the roof and most of the interior of the building are now complete.


EFCO Enterprises awarded door openings preparation project

EFCO Enterprises Limited of Stephenville has been approved a tender to carry out a door opening civil works project at the Port Harmon Industrial Facility.

Town council gave the approval in the amount of $148,760 plus harmonized sales tax.

O’Brien explained the work is to prepare the openings for mega doors that are to be installed in the facility later this summer.

The doors will provide for removal of the large decks being fabricated in the building that are to be added to the stand alone gravity based structure being built at Bull Arm, the primary construction site for the structure, for use in the Hebron oilfield.

The first deck, being fabricated by workers hired by Pennecon Energy, is expected to be completed by late August, at which time it will be lifted onto a barge and towed by a tug to the Bull Arm for installation on the gravity based structure in mid-September 2014.