Dolphins rescued by beach-goers

Two separate rescues of dolphins take place in Rothesay Bay

Frank Gale
Published on July 15, 2014

While it’s not known if they were the same animals, two different dolphin rescue efforts took place in Rothesay Bay during the past two days.

A total of eight white-nosed dolphins were rescued on Sunday at Black Bank near St. George’s by beach goers, while personnel with the Barachois Search and Rescue Team and Fisheries and Oceans helped seven off a sand bar adjacent to Rocky Point in Stephenville Crossing, but it was too late to save an eighth one.

Stacey White of Stephenville said when she and friends first got to Black Bank about 2 p.m. on Sunday, there were some beach goers helping a dolphin off a sand bar at that time.

A short while later, the group of White, Heidi Kirby, John Duffenais, Mike Maddock and Kyley Cook heard a commotion and discovered there were a group of seven dolphins splashing in the surf.

In all, a group of about 20 beach goers helped out in getting the dolphins to deeper water as it was a very low tide at the time. All the dolphins were clustered in a small group.

The beach goers were successful in getting them to deeper water.

On Monday morning a group of nine dolphins were spotted under the Gut Bridge in Stephenville Crossing, according to Barry Nash, coordinator of the Barachois Search and Rescue Team, who seen video of it on Facebook.

That evening Nash and 14 members of his team, along with employees of Fisheries and Oceans, were called to the Rocky Point area where a total of eight dolphins were beached “high and dry” on the sandbar.

With pickup trucks, quads and an airboat they managed to get them out into the water.

Nash said it took a while to revive them, but finally after holding them upright in the water for some time, five of them followed two they had taken to deeper water.

He is hoping they will move on and not come aground again.

Whether the group is the same group from Sunday, Nash couldn’t say for sure.

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Seven white beaked dolphins beached on a sandbar Sunday afternoon at Black Bank beach near St. George's. A group of beach goers worked together to haul the mammals out into deeper waters, where they were able to swim back out on their own.


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©Submitted photo by Heidi Kirby