East end project should improve water pressure in Humbermouth area of Corner Brook

Gary Kean gkean@thewesternstar.com
Published on July 29, 2014
A crew from Marine Contractors works on the construction of a new water line that should help enhance water pressure levels in the Humbermouth area of Corner Brook.

Star photo by Gary Kean

The residents of the eastern end of Humber Road, not to mention any other future development in that part of Corner Brook, will soon have a lot more pressure in their lives.

That should be a good thing as an ongoing capital works project will soon spell the end of the area’s low water pressure woes.

The $5-million project of the City of Corner Brook is being funded through the federal Build Canada Fund and is being carried out by Marine Contractors.

Currently, a water main running from the western end of Humber Road branches off to feed residences and businesses all along the Humbermouth area. Because of the relatively small size of the piping system, the water pressure tends to be lower the further east along Humber Road.

The work now being done will see a new line running from the Murphy Square area down the Confederation Drive extension, cutting across some privately owned properties and down the steep bank towards the end of Humber Road. At Humber Road, the line will be connected to the existing water main, effectively increasing the water pressure in the area.

Steve May, the City of Corner Brook’s director of operational services, said the improved water system could also help spur more development along the Confederation Drive extension.

“We’d call that a secondary effect of this project,” said May. “The project was really to address issues down in the far east end of the city.”

Humber Motors Ford is constructing a new building for the dealership in the Confederation Drive area, but May said that structure has already connected to another water line in the area and is not part of this project.

There will be more benefits than just better water pressure.

“What we will see is improved controls on chlorination and we’ll have a little bit more flexibility in terms of water breaks,” said May. “Hopefully, this will allow us to impact fewer people, depending on the location of the water breaks.”

The water line is just one component of the overall project, which was identified as a necessity by a consultant who recently did a water system master plan for the city.

A small building housing a pressure-reducing valve is being constructed halfway down the bank between Confederation Drive and Humber Road. A water reservoir tank will also be built on the vacant lot at the corner of Confederation Drive and the Lewin Parkway where people used to park used cars for sale.

May said the tank will be blue and feature a City of Corner Brook crest or other municipal markings to be determined by city council. It will be fenced off and landscaped and located closer to the off-ramp from the Trans-Canada Highway, so the remainder of the lot will still be available for other development.

The piping system is around 75 per cent completed, said May, and the work has started on the pressure-reducing valve station. Work on the reservoir is expected to start in September and the entire job should be completed by the end of the fall.

Right now, there looks like there is a steep dirt road heading straight up the hill from Humber Road. May said the underground pipe will be covered with a geomat system to ensure the quick regrowth of vegetation to help prevent erosion in the area.