St. George’s waste site implementing electronic card system

Cory Hurley
Published on July 29, 2014

The electronic (RFID) card will soon be required to pay for garbage disposal at the St. George’s waste disposal site.

After Aug. 5, access to the landfill will not be permitted without an activated electronic card.

The card system — the same as is in place at the Wild Cove transfer station in the Corner Brook area and is used in central Newfoundland — will record all waste deliveries.

Commercial users (businesses and towns) must submit a contractor set up application form, which can be obtained at the St. George’s town office.

The information is required to prepare for the issuing of the card. After Aug. 15, these cards will only be processed through the Western Regional Waste Management office in Corner Brook, and mailed to users.

Commercial users will be invoiced on a monthly basis according to deliveries, and payments can then be made to the Corner Brook office. Commercial cards are not available at the St. George’s waste site.

Residential or domestic users can also get a card through the St. George’s town office until Aug.15. As of Aug. 15. they will also be available at the waste site.

These cards will be issued with a $10 credit towards delivery of domestic waste. It is an introductory offer, only available for a limited time for residents. Additional money can be placed on the card.