Qalipu making progress with strategic plan: Sheppard

Band to hold annual meeting in city Sunday

Diane Crocker
Published on July 5, 2014

Members of the Qalipu Mi’kmaq First Nation Band will get an overview of the band’s activities this past year during its annual general meeting in Corner Brook on Sunday.

The meeting, for members only, will take place in room 2 at the Pepsi Centre from 2 to 4 p.m.  

Chief Brendan Sheppard said each of Qalipu’s department directors will report on the activity within their departments, including a report on the programs that were in operation in the last year.

Members will also hear a bit on the band’s three-year strategic plan. The focus of the plan was to get the band established and programs and a good infrastructure in place in terms of staff and management.

Creating economic development and partnership arrangements were also among the priorities.

“We’re certainly well advanced in that,” said Sheppard. “We’re ... sitting down now and looking at wrapping up and adding on another two or three years to that particular plan.”

Outside of those things, the details of which can already be found on the band’s website,, Sheppard said there won’t be much more to the meeting.

It’s the second annual general meeting for the band and, like the one last year in central, Sheppard isn’t expecting a large turnout.

“Members basically look a the website and see the report,” he said. “Most people that have questions in respect to the programs we’re operating, which is non-insured health, post-secondary education, economic development and culture — that’s pretty much answered along the way.”

Sheppard said something that’s on the minds of many others is the membership enrolment process.

The review of all applications for membership into the band is continuing and Sheppard said, “There’s really nothing that can be reported other than what’s already been said.

“It’s basically going to be on mark as we anticipate to conclude hopefully in mid 2015.”  

Next year will also be an election year for the band, and Sheppard is not sure if that will occur before or after the enrolment process ends.

“My big thing is I would like to wrap this enrolment process up and have the band, really in a sense, fully established because that agreement is still basically open between both parties.”

He said if the election is called earlier and results in a new leader “with a different attitude,” that could affect the process.

Sheppard also isn’t ruling out running again.