Labrador City group to share $30 million jackpot

Published on July 7, 2014
Ellie Saunders (right) sells Tony Briston a scratch ticket at the Labrador Mall in hopes of being Labrador City's next new millionaire.
Photo by Ty Dunham/The Aurora

Labrador City has eight new millionaires-in-waiting, soon to be splitting the $30 million Lotto Max jackpot.

The United Rentals group learned of their winnings Saturday, July 5. Split evenly, the take will be $3.75 million per person. Although winning ticket was announced as being sold in Labrador City, the win has not been officially declared.

The ticket is on its way to Moncton, N.B., where the Atlantic Lottery head office will complete a security and financial check.

Danielle Pieroni, winner experience co-ordinator for Atlantic Lottery,

said while the winners are anxious to receive the big cheque, the security check should only take a few days.

“If any of the winners have a connection with the Atlantic Lottery or the Gaming Board or a retailer that sells tickets then there’s a wait before we can pay the money.”

Kelly Tricco is one of the winners waiting for her chance to hold the giant cheque. When asked how she feels being a new millionaire, she told The Aurora she was “very excited.”

It’s the second big win for lottery players in Labrador City this year; a group of 16 Carol Auto employees split $1 million on a 6/49 ticket in January.

Pieroni said she sees lots of groups share the prize money.

“It’s not unusual because many people play the lottery in groups, whether it’s with family members or co-workers or friends. Those tickets have as much chance of winning as anyone else’s.”

The Aurora will have more information as it becomes available.