Work on MacDonald Brown Drive Area Plan continuing

Diane Crocker
Published on July 8, 2014

There’s still a lot of work to be done before construction of any new homes will start in the area for the planned extension of MacDonald Brown Drive, but Coun. Mary Ann Murphy said the future development bodes well for the city.

“There’s so much land that we’ve got to get developed,” said Murphy on Monday.

“If we do it now, it’s ready for the future, but not doing anything, it’s still sitting there, nothing is happening,” she said.

“At least we are getting ready for our future for the city and that’s what we’re elected to do. We’ve got to help this city move forward.”

The area in question is located between Boone’s Road and the Sunnyslope area and is part of a plan that’s been on the city’s books since 1976.

That’s when, Murphy said, the city first started talking about the Country Road Development Scheme.

That plan was amended in 1994 and the city’s planning division is currently working on amending the scheme again, taking out some parts where development has already occurred.

Within the new Country Road Development Scheme will be what’s known as the MacDonald Brown Drive Area Plan that will see MacDonald Brown extended to the east to O’Connell Drive.

“This is the main residential collector road which will link O’Connell Drive with the Lewin Parkway and most local residential streets will then be intersected with this,” said Murphy.

The right of way for the new section of road will be located near the playground on Carberry’s Road.

Besides the connection of existing streets there is the potential for two new streets to be added.

The development area could open up an estimated 287 residential medium density single family lots. The numbers of residences could rise to 301 with double units included. It’s also proposed that a total of 84 apartment units be developed at three separate sites in the area.

During the city’s last public council meeting, council adopted the proposal for the MacDonald Brown Drive Area Plan and a proposed change to the zoning of the area from mosaic to residential medium density.

Murphy said the city now has to appoint a commissioner and set a date for a public hearing on the proposal and zoning change.

Public notices will also have to be published to solicit feedback on the plans. All documents related to the plan for the area will be available for viewing at city hall and online at

Depending on the response, a hearing may or may not go ahead, but once that process is complete the matter will go before council again to approve the scheme and the development plan and zoning changes.

The development scheme and any amendments to the municipal plan or development regulations then have to go to the Department of Municipal and Intergovernmental Affairs for review and approval.

Once that is done public notices advising that the scheme and amendment have been registered have to be published.

“We’re estimating three months to complete that process,” said Murphy and added “most of the work from 1994 leads up to this now and we should have it done in three months.”

She said “it’s not just opening up land.  We’ve got to have our ducks in order.”

Part of which involved applying to acquire some Crown land in the proposed area. That application has been approved by the province.