Bell Mobility gets tower approval in Stephenville

Opponent won’t pursue the matter further

Frank Gale
Published on August 2, 2014
Bell Mobility has been approved a permit to put a second telecommunications tower up in Stephenville, which will be about the same height but a different style than this current one Main Street.
Star photo by Frank Gale

An opponent to a proposed Bell Mobility tower in Stephenville is giving up his fight now that the Stephenville town council has approved a permit for it.

Bell Mobility was approved a permit at the regular general meeting of the Stephenville town council on Thursday to construct a 32.9 metre high monopole cell tower and a seven-metre by 6.352-metre equipment building at 36 Missouri Dr. in Stephenville.

The permit, which is subject to the approval of NAV Canada and compliance with all town regulations, received unanimous consent by all seven members of the Stephenville town council at Thursday’s regular general meeting.

Fred Pottle, a business owner in the town who has a building located near where the tower is going up, wrote a letter of complaint about the proposed tower and said in short order a vice-president with the company in Halifax replied to him in a two-page letter.

He said that letter outlined the reasoning for putting the tower at that location; however, Pottle said he wasn’t satisfied with the answer he received. He said the letter was copied to the Stephenville town council.

He had suggested that in his view such a tower would not be conducive to the town’s skyline as the proposed location lies within the centre of professional buildings.

Pottle said while he appreciated the prompt response, at the end of the day the contents of the letter were sugar coated and of the alternative locations they had this was the cheapest place to put the tower.

“They had choices, but what it came down to was choices versus cost and they went with the cheapest,” he said.

While he doesn’t like it, Pottle said he doesn’t plan to pursue this any further.

“The town council approved it and they’re the ones who have jurisdiction, so that’s where I’m leaving it,” he said.