Traffic on upper West Street will flow two ways

Part of management plan as storm sewer project moves across Park Street

Diane Crocker
Published on August 20, 2014
Corner Brook Coun. Josh Carey poses for a photo on West Street on Tuesday.
Geraldine Brophy

Motorists in Corner Brook could soon be travelling a familiar stretch of road in a different direction.

With the next phase in the Majestic Square Storm Sewer project — which will go across the White House Lawn, next to The Western Star office, and Park Street — currently out to tender, the city is developing a traffic management plan for when the work starts.

Coun. Josh Carey said Tuesday the present thought process is that West Street will have to made into a two-way street during a portion of the work. Carey brought up the traffic plan while presenting an update on capital works projects at Monday’s council meeting.

On Tuesday, he said the plan is tentative now pending the awarding of the contract and discussion with the successful bidder.

Right now the city is looking at changing the upper part of West Street from one-way to two-way traffic, down as far as to where it crosses over to Park Street between Chesnut Street and Todd Street. Whether vehicles will be able to continue to park on that section of West Street has yet to be determined.

Traffic turning left on Chesnut Street would still be able to access Park Street. Traffic coming up Park Street will be able to access upper West Street, Central Street and West Valley Road via Todd Street. However, this part of the plan depends on how the contractor decides to roll out the project.

The upper part of Park Street will be fully accessible for businesses in the area, just closed to through traffic.

Carey said it’s not the intent of the city to prevent any business from being accessible at any point in time or to disrupt the services those businesses provide.

The timelines for when the plan will be implemented and for how long all depend on the contractor — when it can start work and how long it anticipates the work to bring the line across Park Street will take.

“That’s why we’re reluctant at this stage to release an actual traffic flow until we have an opportunity to meet and confirm with the contractors as to what will and will not occur,” Carey said.

Still, he said the city wants people to know that a change is coming.

Carey also said the tentative plan is also the best scenario — the other alternative was to reroute traffic completely away from the area.

“A, we did not want to impact businesses adversely, and B, we want to make this as less confusing on the public as possible.”

The traffic plan could be implemented prior to the start of construction so that individuals can get accustomed to the new route and Carey said there will be a lot of signage in the area and public education through the media.

While it is the city’s intention to have the work completed this year, it still depends on budget.

When this phase is completed, the entire rebuild will be about 80 per cent complete. The project will later merge with the West Valley Road Storm System Replacement, which this year is set to go from Elswick Road to Cobb Lane. Carey said that work will create some congestion around that area.

The two projects are among nine capital works projects ongoing in the city this year. The total amount being spent on buildings, streets, sanitary systems, storm sewer and water systems is $33,043,331.

The city’s multi-year capital works plan goes to 2017 and, by the time it’s complete, another $10 million to $11 million will be spent. Funding for the projects is coming from a combination of sources.


Water treatment plant

Construction of the two reservoirs has started.

Electrical work within the building is advancing.

Rough-in of the plumbing and ventilation is very near completion.

Some finish work has begun inside the plant - Commissioning will begin in September with the first performance trial scheduled for October.

Water transmission main phase 3

75 per cent of pipe installed (work zone 1 and 2).

Concrete work has started on altitude valve chamber at Sunnyslope Drive.

Concrete work has started for PRV/chlorine booster station building at Woodbine Avenue.

 O’Connell Drive Al’s Hill re opened Aug. 14, with surface asphalt next week.

East side transmission main

Installation of the new water pipe is 100 per cent complete, now in testing phase.

All connections into existing system completed.

Work on the new PRV chamber is advancing.

Excavation on the control building has begun.

East side water reservoir

The new reservoir has been ordered.

Construction is planned to begin in September.

Asphalt program/street resurfacing.

Approximately 8,000 tonnes of asphalt placed, with a total of 12,000 tonnes planned.

The remaining asphalt cuts around the city are scheduled to be done within the next month.

Testing to date has indicated that the asphalt is meeting the design specifications.

Public works depot

Stantec has been selected as the consultant for the project. Preliminary design work has begun.

Edinburgh Street reconstruction

Design work is underway and the project should be tendered within a month.

Majestic Square storm sewer

Project is currently out to tender, closing Aug. 28.

Traffic management plan is being developed.

The final plan will be communicated to the businesses and public when finalized.

West Valley Road storm system replacement (Elswick to Cobb Lane)

The contract has been awarded, work to commence late September when materials arrive.

Source: City of Corner Brook