Marble Mountain weather station should be back in operation Friday

Gary Kean
Published on August 20, 2014
A boom truck situates the new radome on the Doppler radar weather station atop Marble Mountain.
Photo courtesy of Environment Canada

Environment Canada is hoping to have its Doppler radar weather station atop Marble Mountain back up and running by Friday.

The station was taken down around two weeks ago for regularly scheduled maintenance.

Specifically, the work involved replacing the radome, the weatherproof enclosure that protects the station’s instruments.

Initially, Environment Canada said the Doppler radar, which provides the region with weather information about precipitation in particular, would be operational again by Aug. 16. However, the Environment Canada website where weather information from the site can be found has been indicating that it won’t be running again until Aug. 23.

The delay is for two reasons, according to Environment Canada. Firstly, the fire in the Marble Mountain chairlift shack caused by a lightning strike Aug. 8 also damaged some of the power and communications cables at the station located near the lift shack.

The second cause of the delay in finishing the work was high winds on top of Marble Mountain which had been preventing the safe installation of the new radome.