Meeting not a significant one, says premier and paper company

Gary Kean
Published on August 23, 2014

Premier Tom Marshall met with officials from Kruger’s head office at Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Friday, but both sides say the discussions were routine in nature.

The premier had indicated to media during a press conference held during provincial cabinet meetings in Corner Brook Thursday that he had intended to meet with the paper company the following day.

When contacted about the meetings Friday, the premier’s communications director would not make him  available for an interview. She did email a statement from Marshall.

In it, Marshall said the meeting was just keeping the lines of communication open with Corner Brook Pulp and Paper, as he regularly does in his role as the Tory legislature member for Humber East.

He called it more of a “courtesy call” on behalf of the parent company officials who were in Corner Brook from Montreal.

Ric Tull, Corner Brook Pulp and Paper’s general manager, was out of town for the visit from his higher-ups and the meeting with the premier.

Kruger’s corporate affairs director, Jean Majeau, who was one of the officials in Corner Brook, did not make himself or any other company official available for an interview and also forwarded an emailed statement. Majeau said the company just reviewed “various files” with Marshall.