Marble Mountain's Doppler radar should be operational Friday

Gary Kean
Published on August 28, 2014
A boom truck situates the new radome on the Doppler radar weather station atop Marble Mountain.
Photo courtesy of Environment Canada

Environment Canada says it has been waiting for replacement parts to arrive in order to repair its  Doppler radar weather station at Marble Mountain.

The weather station had been temporarily shut down for a scheduled replacement of its radome when a lightning strike in the area damaged some equipment Aug. 8.

It has been out of commission ever since, despite initial announcements on the Environment Canada website that it would be up and running by now. The latest update is that the weather station should be back in operation Friday.

The same lightning strike earlier this month caused a fire in a lift shack at the top of the Marble Mountain ski hill. The subsequent fire led to the collapse of the chairlift, which the ski resort is in the process of replacing.

Power and telecommunications were restored to the Doppler radar weather station during that weekend, but weather conditions had delayed completion of the replacement of the radome, the dome-shaped structure that houses the radar equipment.

In an email from Environment Canada this week, the federal agency stated parts are on the way and extra staff will be deployed to help fix the damaged radar equipment as soon as possible.