Photography club holding first exhibition of members’ work

Gary Kean
Published on September 2, 2014

Like any art form, there is always going to be certain reticence in displaying images as part of a public exhibition.

The Around the Humber Photography Club has only been in existence since February 2013 and has grown to 62 members.

A dozen of those members will be exhibiting a selection of their work in what the club hopes will become an annual event.

Shawn Hodder started the club, but his beginnings in photography date back to 1981 when he was living in Denmark. There, he said, photography was more broadly accepted as being an art form.

In Corner Brook, where he has lived since 1994, he said it seems a little tougher to convince people photography is art.

How could it not be an art form, given the natural beauty of western Newfoundland, Hodder asked.

“For a nature and landscape photographer like myself, there is nothing like this,” he said. “This is a dream. This is heaven.”

It is also Hodder’s dream to be able to help others learn to be better photographers and to hone his own craft from what other club members have to offer.

The club members meet once a month to compare and discuss work. They even sometimes do friendly challenges to see who can come up with the coolest image following a specified theme.

Nick Prosper took up photography just a couple of years ago. He actually met Hodder while the two were working at a renovation job site. They discovered their mutual love of photography and soon found themselves comparing images.

While Prosper gains from Hodder’s vast experience, dating back to using film, Prosper has been showing Hodder some of the newer tricks of the trade using digital software.

“I read, read, read any bit of information on photography I can get,” Prosper said of how much he loves his new hobby. “I probably do more reading than I do shooting.”

Hodder and Prosper are two of the 12 photographers who will have their art on display at the Arts and Culture Centre until Sept. 20. The exhibition, organized mainly by club member Cloe Hulan, will feature around 60 images.

An official opening reception is planned for Sept. 5 at 7 p.m.

The club hopes the show will help convince more members to show their works next year. They also hope other local photographers interested in joining the club will attend the exhibit and seek them out for more information.