Chiropractors donate ergonomic backpacks to children

TC Media
Published on September 3, 2014

If you’ve ever watched students struggle with overloaded backpacks, you can probably imagine the health risks for their backs and spines.

The Newfoundland and Labrador Chiropractic Association says hauling heavy backpacks on a continual basis can cause stress to growing spinal columns.

With that in mind, the chiropractic association has again partnered with the Salvation Army to give children a good start this school year, and to raise awareness, promote good practices and prevent future back health problems.

With the help of the province’s chiropractors, the Salvation Army and the association will distribute 500 ergonomic backpacks and supplies to some of the province’s neediest children through the Pack It Light, Wear It Right program. This doubles the organizations’ donation from last year, says a prepared release.

The number includes more than 100 bags going to children in the Corner Brook area.

Children should have the opportunity to head back to school without jeopardizing their spines, says Newfoundland and Labrador Chiropractic Association executive director Dr. Darrell Wade in the release.

“This is a basic need as far as I am concerned,” he said.