Deer Lake hoping to have dog park open by end of September

Gary Kean
Published on September 3, 2014
Junior Pinksen, the Town of Deer Lake’s recreation director, discusses plans to construct a dog park at the old baseball field at Schwartz Park during a public meeting in Deer Lake Tuesday evening.
Star photo by Gary Kean

Debbie Cole has a 110-pound walker hound and it needs to go for a good run before it goes for its daily walk.

The Deer Lake woman can’t wait for the town to open up its planned dog park so four-year-old Koda can get his much needed exercise in.

Cole was one of five citizens who joined a handful of Deer Lake town council and staff for a public meeting on the proposed dog park.

The park will be located on the infield of the baseball field at Schwartz Park. The diamond will be split into two areas, one for smaller dogs under 30 pounds and one for bigger pups like energetic Koda.

“I think it’s wonderful and it’s long overdue,” said Cole after hearing more about the park and participating in the discussion about it.

The two areas for large and small breeds will both be the same size. They will be triangular and each will measure 150 x 175 x 125 feet.

Each area will also have its own exit and entrance with double gates so owners can safely unleash or leash their dogs prior to entering and as they leave the park.

Facilitated by Junior Pinksen, the Town of Deer Lake’s recreation director, most of the meeting revolved around the setup and the proposed rules for the park. Pinksen said the town will adopt standard rules used at most other dog parks he has looked into across the country.

While there will be a sign posted at the park outlining those rules, it was mentioned that some people may not read them all. One suggestion was made that resident dog owners be asked to sign a copy of the rules, acknowledging they have read them, when they get their dog’s licence renewed.

It was generally accepted that no children should be permitted inside the gates, but there was some talk about how old a person should be in order to be inside the area.

Pinksen is hoping the dog park can be operational by the end of September. The town has put the construction of the park out to tender and is expecting a shipment of poles and fencing this week.

He figured it would take about a week to construct the park.