First day of school exciting for kids and parents alike

Gary Kean
Published on September 4, 2014
Wednesday was a big day for twin sisters, from left, Avery and Lily North, as the two started kindergarten at C.C. Loughlin Elementary School in Corner Brook.

Star photo by Gary Kean

Life is full of important crossroads and sometimes the uncertainty of a big change can be met with trepidation.

There was absolutely none of that for Avery and Lily North as the twin sisters matured into full-fledged school students for the first time Wednesday morning.

The daughters of Steve and Robyn North are among this year’s kindergarten classmates at C.C. Loughlin Elementary School in Corner Brook.

The proud parents surely spent much of the past few weeks hyping up the start of school. It was kind of hard to tell if their positive reinforcement worked to perfection or just wasn’t needed to convince the girls that school would be cool.

According to the Norths, as they picked their kids up after the first day of school ended, the excitement immediately began the moment Avery and Lily woke up Wednesday morning.

“I was excited to see my friends Luke and Owen and Madame Hatcher and meeting new friends,” said Avery, referring to her French immersion teacher Marie Hatcher, who also taught the girls in C.C. Loughlin’s Kinderstart program last year.

“I met three new friends,” chimed in Lily.

Today will be even more exciting as Avery and Lily will take the bus to school for the first time.

“The bus stops right in front of my house,” emphasized Avery.

As giddy as the kids are about starting school and riding the bus, it’s the parents for whom the significance is the most real. Dad Steve admitted to being a bit nervous seeing his babies growing up so fast.

“It’s a big milestone in your life and it was pretty amazing getting them ready and seeing them all dressed up,” he said.

It’s a day that seemed would never come for mom, but now it’s here and gone.

“Then everyone tells you, once they start school, look out — time will fly even faster,” said Robyn.

The Norths will get to experience another first day of school, but not for another three years when it’s their younger son Landon’s turn.