City gives update on performance of water plant, distribution system

Gary Kean
Published on October 5, 2016

The City of Corner Brook’s water treatment plant is performing quite well, according to the latest report.

City council discussed the most recent water production, quality and distribution report at its public meeting Monday night.

Council heard that the average amount of treated water production during June, July and August of this year was lower than the average rate of the last 12 months by more than one million litres per day.

The operating costs of the system are also on target to meet the $1.3 million budgeted for the plant.

The water quality statistics also indicate Corner Brook’s water meets or exceeds acceptable standards, including using significantly less chlorine than before the plant became operational in April 2015.

On the distribution side of things, the city is reporting a dramatic reduction in the number of leaks in the system. At one point last year, Corner Brook had a list of 65 outstanding leaks on city-owned property.

As of this week, that number is at seven.

Capital work continues with upgrades to the city’s pressure-reducing valve stations and the addition of zone flow meters for use in troubleshooting and water-use reduction.

Water Treatment Plant

The City’s new water treatment plant has been in operation since April 2015.

The following are some points of interest regarding the plant:

• The average treated water production for the last 12 months was 23.6 million litres per day

• The average treated water production through June, July and August was 22.5 million litres per day

• The water treatment costs are on budget (annual budget is around $1.3 million)

Treated water quality highlights from August 2016

• Average turbidity: 0.05 nephelometric turbidity units (NTU) (vs. maximum allowable of 0.3 NTU)

• Average UV transmittance: 93.2 per cent (vs. minimum allowable of 90 per cent)

• Trihalomethanes (samples taken July 2016): maximum of 36 milligrams per litre (maximum allowable of 100)

• Haloacetic acids (samples taken July 2016): maximum of 25 milligrams per litre (maximum allowable of 80)

• Chlorine usage throughout the system continues to be significantly lower than that required prior to the opening of the WTP

Distribution System Information

• Number of leaks in March - August of 2015: 315

• Number of leaks in March - August of 2016: 82

• Thus there has been an 80% reduction in leaks for these six months.

• Number of currently outstanding leaks on city-owned property as of Sept 29, 2016: 7

Source: City of Corner Brook