Kippens going private with garbage collection in October

Frank Gale
Published on September 3, 2016

Sharon and Jason Keating’s company, Containerized Sanitation Ltd., has landed a contract for garbage collection in Kippens starting Oct. 4.

©Frank Gale/The Western Star

Come the first week of October, residents of the Town of Kippens will have their garbage collected by a private contractor.

Kippens-based Containerized Sanitation Ltd. was awarded the contract to haul away the garbage in the town.

“It’s more efficient to go with a private contractor, and although the cost is about the same as what the Town of Stephenville has been providing the service for, Containerized Sanitation has included a spring and fall cleanup in the contract,” said town manager Ross Ryan.

Stephenville has been providing the service since 2006. Mayor Tom O’Brien said he has no qualms about Kippens going with a private contractor.

“I guess (Kippens council) felt it was in the best interest of their community and that it is the best way to go,” O’Brien said, adding there are some advantages for Stephenville as it frees up their truck and frees up time for the collector to be doing something else.

Kippens Mayor Paul Noseworthy said part of the reason for the change is that council wants to go with a more green initiative by reducing waste and the number of bags going to the landfill.

Noseworthy said a number of initiatives are being worked on towards that end, including one that’s already in place involving a grubbing site, which will soon be sectioned off for anything biodegradable and compostable.

“We already have a lot of people who are into recycling in a big way, but for those who are not getting their items to recycling, we’re going to try and put initiatives in place for it to happen,” he said.

The collection for the approximately 700 residences in Kippens will change from Monday to Tuesday when the new contract comes into effect Oct. 4.

“The Monday collection was a bit confusing for residents, especially when changes had to be made for holidays, as a lot of them fall on a Monday,” Ryan said.

Both mayors of Stephenville and Kippens said this new contract would not affect a joint application between the two towns to the Multi-Materials Stewartship Board for funding for the construction of a community composting site to be located in Kippens.

Earlier this year, Stephenville council earlier approved a contribution, not to exceed $10,000, towards submitting that joint application but there’s been no word yet on its approval.

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